About Us

Maximus is a company manufacturing handmade paper and value added products out of elephant dung and other waste matter. We introduced to the world the art of paper making out of elephant dung in 1997. It is a fully home grown company. Key functions such as research & development, machinery fabrication, art work and design, international marketing etc. were conceptualized, developed and established by us using local knowledge. We have progressed from our humble beginnings employing just 7 people in 1997 to an employer of nearly 200 by 2009.The entire production process is all eco friendly using only post – consumer raw materials and non - toxic consumables. Further information can be found by searching the web under Maximus Elephant Dung Paper.

Production process is labour intensive which is ideally suited for exploiting local talent ranging from unskilled to semi skilled as well as skilled professionals. We export approximately 90% of our production quantity and have 80% of our production facilities established in rural areas of the country namely, Kegalle, Kandalama, Sigiriya and Habarana empowering the rural youth with strategic intent.

Maximus products sell well in sophisticated markets. In 1997 when we incorporated our company with an eco theme, there was no hype on environmental issues as observed today. Our product was introduced internationally in 1999 and has had a healthy growth since. A main attribute of our success is a unique Sri Lankan design flavor inherent in the products.

Maximus as a business is in a unique position given its vision and time tested experience / ability to positively work with otherwise competing stakeholders it is involved with. The expansion and employment opportunities have been created not in close proximity to urban areas but instead, have been deliberately, at an additional cost, moved to remote parts of the country where job opportunities are few but wildlife thrives. Logistics of a scattered, rural production base are more cumbersome to maintain and add on to costs when compared to centralized production.

Economies of scale along with potential government benefits and concessions that could have been obtained for the project had it been established in one of the many industrial processing zones were deliberately foregone. Our strategic intent has been to develop in a direction that attempts to marry the interests of job creation, wildlife protection, elephant conservation and rural empowerment through the production of beautiful, aesthetically pleasing gift products made by hand from 100% waste material.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Conserving Nature by Recycling Waste - With Responsible Profitability.

To maintain the position of being a most unique handmade recycled paper/products producer in the world whilst actively and profitably contributing to

Conservation through Innovation